Unveiling the Craft: Behind the Scenes of Manufacturing High-Quality Enamel

Unveiling the Craft: Behind the Scenes of Manufacturing High-Quality Enamel

Embark on an enchanting journey through the annals of time as we unravel the captivating history of enamel—a timeless material. From its early use in adorning earthenware and jewelry by ancient civilizations to its transformative evolution into modern enamelware in the 18th century, discover the enduring legacy of this durable and aesthetically pleasing medium. At Emalco, we not only pay homage to this storied history but also remain steadfast in our commitment to traditional manufacturing techniques that have been honed and perfected over the course of a century.


Historical Evolution

The tapestry of enamel’s historical journey unfolds across millennia, beginning with its ancient origins and culminating in its formal introduction in Germany in 1760. Journeying across Europe, including Poland, enamelware found its way to North America in the 1950s. In its early stages, enamelware primarily focused on internal parts for health and safety reasons, preventing contact between food or beverages and the steel substrate. Over time, the realization of the benefits of enameling the exterior led to heightened durability and ease of cleaning.

Regional Preferences

The diverse cultural landscapes of different regions have left an indelible mark on enamelware design preferences. In the USA, simplicity reigned with plain enamel and speckles, while the UK embraced the classic elegance of white enamel with a navy blue brim. Sweden’s distinctive aesthetic featured cream with a green frame, while various other countries expressed creativity through speckles, spots, and folk decorations. Today, enamelware is experiencing a renaissance, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary design.

Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

At Emalco, we stand as custodians of time-honored manufacturing methods, preserving techniques that have been refined over a century. Our commitment to heritage remains unwavering, and yet, this dedication to tradition does not come at the expense of safety standards. Stringent quality checks are implemented to ensure that each piece attains and exceeds the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Understanding Enamel

Enamel, a fusion of powdered glass and pigments applied to a substrate, acts as a protective shield for the base material, enhancing aesthetics, preventing rust, and ensuring health and safety in the kitchen. The firing of enamel at high temperatures, approximately 850°C, not only imparts unparalleled durability but also renders it compatible with various cookers, including induction hobs, and dishwasher-safe.

The Enamelware Production Process

Embark on the meticulous journey of enamelware production, a process divided into two main stages:

1.Metalworking: Precision-cutting of sheet metal into separate rings, high-pressure pressing to form the dish’s body, and meticulous welding of handles or rims to complete the metal form constitute the initial metalworking stage.

2. Enameling the Metal Form: This stage involves grounding, where a base coat prepares the material for the outer layer. After stringent quality control inspections, the product undergoes firing at high temperatures, followed by another inspection to ensure the absence of defects. The enameling process breathes life into designs, with a focus on inner and outer colors, and the application of a protective enamel to the rim. After drying and firing, the product undergoes a rigorous inspection before progressing to the final stage.

3. Decorating: The decoration process is a labor-intensive affair, commencing with the application of ceramic decals by skilled hands. After drying, the product undergoes firing at high temperatures yet again before, unsurprisingly, another round of meticulous inspection.

As you traverse our exquisite enamel collections, you aren’t merely observing products; you’re immersing yourself in the culmination of centuries of craftsmanship, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. At Emalco, our manufacturing process is more than a series of steps—it’s a narrative that unfolds with every stroke of enamel and every careful inspection. Each piece stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in crafting timeless, exceptional enamelware that transcends mere functionality, embodying the essence of artistry and enduring quality.

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