Design Your Destiny: Emalco’s Enamelware Mug Design Contest for Cafes and Restaurants!

Design Your Destiny: Emalco’s Enamelware Mug Design Contest for Cafes and Restaurants!

Are you ready to showcase your café or restaurant’s creativity and brand in a sip-tacular new way? Emalco Enamelware invites you to participate in an exclusive contest where imagination meets practicality, and the winner walks away with a grand prize that will toast to their success!

A Tradition of Creativity Continues

Building on the success of our previous contest, which was a hit among graphic designers, we’re excited to roll out this new challenge. Last time, the artistic community wowed us with their talents, and it was Kate Fitzpatrick’s stunning depiction of a tiger amid a flutter of butterflies that took the prize.  As we continue this tradition, we eagerly anticipate the unique perspectives and creativity that cafes and restaurants will bring to the table with their custom designs. Join us in celebrating the art of enamelware once more!

The Creative Challenge

We are calling all cafes and restaurants to dream up an original mug design that represents the essence of your establishment. Choose from six captivating mug colors—classic white, warm light cream, sleek grey, vibrant apricot, soothing teal, or elegant black—to serve as your canvas.

Unleash your brand’s personality using our design colors palette, and craft a mug that’s as unique as the flavors you serve. Whether it’s a logo, a mascot, or a design that captures the local vibe, let your creativity flow!

What sets this competition apart? We’re breaking the norm! Your design doesn’t have to be computer-generated or professionally crafted. Whether it’s sketched with a pencil, colored with crayons, painted with brushes, or crafted with any other medium, your imagination is the limit!

Here’s the cherry on top: If you emerge victorious, we’ll bring your vision to life! Our team will handle the design process, ensuring that your winning concept is beautifully translated onto the mugs.

How to Enter and Win

Select a Mug: Pick from our six color options that best suits your design vision.

Design: Create your original mug design utilizing the colors from our provided palette.

Submit: Enter your design into our contest before the clock strikes midnight on April 30, 2024.

Win: Stay tuned for the grand reveal of winners in May, with the winning design being turned into 50 custom enamel mugs!

The Prize

50 beautifully crafted enamel mugs bearing your winning design will be delivered to your doorstep in June. Imagine serving your signature beverages in mugs that are the talk of the town—now that’s what we call winning!

Why Emalco Enamelware?

Durability and Quality: Our mugs are designed to endure the busiest of service environments.

Branding Excellence: Custom mugs that serve as a constant advertisement for your business.

Sustainable Choice: Ditch the disposables and embrace enamelware’s eco-friendly charm.

Don’t Miss Out!

This contest is not just about winning—it’s a chance to amplify your brand’s story through enamelware that reflects your identity. So, ready your sketches and concepts, because your design might just be the next big thing in enamelware!

The countdown has begun—let your creativity pour over!

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