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Since 2013

We have been producing traditional Polish enamelware at Emalco
Enamelware that is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

enamel mugs

Emalco produced hundreds of thousands custom enamelware for
clients all over the world. Among several coffee roasteries, universities
and museums we worked with brands like Marshall, Redbull or Dickies.
We created a couple of our original collections available for wholesale
and retail. We made the world fall in love with Polish enamelware!

Handmande custom dishes
Handmade Cosmetics
Enamel mugs

Traditional hand production method

Traditional hand production method reaching II World War times was the key to the success. Our company’s corporate mission is cultivation of the beautiful tradition with a modern twist. A classic steel form combined with original artwork gives a phenomenal and unforgettable effect and this is what made Emalco mugs great not only as corporate gadgets.


Wide range of dishware

custom dishes

We offer a wide range of dishware: mugs, tumblers, bowls and plates, but it is mugs
that are chosen as the customizable item the most frequently. We are distinguished
on the enamel market for not only the hight quality but also for the wide range
of colors and various possibilities for placing the artwork.

custom coffee enamel mugs
custom enamelware
custom coffee enamel mugs


Enamelware is known for its durability – steel covered with several
layers of enamel cannot be shattered therefore our clients can be sure
that they will enjoy Emalco enamelware for many years to come.

They wrote about us: FORBES, Kraina Bugu, Dobrze Mieszkaj.



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