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About us

We are a manufacturer of enamelware and enamel signs. We use traditional methods practiced for more than 100 years.

“Preserving and cultivating this great tradition is also one of our passions. Enamel just stole our hearts!”

Anna i Waldemar Brzozowscy, owners of Emalco Enamelware

- Mission -

Our mission is to deliver our unique, original, high-quality enamelware, made in
Poland, to every client from the furthest corners of the world.


We preserve methods of production that are over 100 years old and present our clients with traditional Polish enamelware.


Enamel is our passion, which is why we put a lot of care into the production process, in
our manufacture in order to maintain the highest quality of enamelware possible.


We have longstanding experience and knowledge in enamelware manufacturing.

- Emalco ENAmelware offer -

We are proud to deliver safe and durable products.

- who do we produce for? -

Emalco Enamelware’s biggest fans are situated all over the world. You might know
some of them from the United States, Canada, western Europe,
Australia and Asia.

Companies that put their trust in us:

Natural History Museum, Marshall, La Marzocco, Simon Fraser University, Hinterland Studio, Element, Lush Cosmetics, and many others.

How do we work?

We are enamelware manufacturer able to offer rare shapes of enamelware, some of which were first designed and produced over 100 years ago.

- We’re not afraid of challenging designs -

Who do we work with?

The heart of our family-owned company is a group of outstanding people. They are
specialists in the field of enameling, firing and decorating, as well as sales and
Our team members are professionals in the area of their qualifications and personal
talents: like pieces of a puzzle, they connect to create the one great image that is the Emalco
Enamelware brand.

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