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Fridge enamel magnets, keyrings, and signs

are the most popular souvenirs purchased by tourists for themselves and their loved ones.
If you run a giftshop or a popular tourist place, they are a must-have for you!

What are the benefits for your business?

custom enamel keyring

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Custom enamel keyrings

An enamel keyring is a symbol of simplicity. It’s not much bigger than a standard key, so it’s easy to carry, yet it can still be a valuable reminder of great memoriesIt’s just big enough to fit your logo. Keys are always with us, so a custom-made enamel keyring will turn into an advertisement, that people will carry with them wherever they go

A custom enamel keyring will be the best choice if you’re looking for a great upsell product to place on your counter and easily improve your brand recognition. Which shape suits your logo the best? With 14 colors available, you can create a number of unique and stylish keyrings for every type of brand!

enamel keyrings

Custom enamel fridge magnets

Do you know any fridge magnet maniacs? Have you ever bought or received a fridge magnet? They seem to be no-purpose gadgets, yet a lot of people keep magnets in their kitchens. Can you guess why? To make a house a real home, we fill it with items that emphasize our characters and our unique style. Items full of memories and good associations. Simple decorations and gadgets that just put a smile on our faces. Have you noticed that a lot of parties eventually move to the kitchen? Enamel fridge magnets that remind us of our trips are amazing conversation starters. That’s why the world is so addicted to fridge magnets! 

A custom enamel fridge magnet is a great surface, not only for your logo or brand name. Maybe you’d like to share your catchy slogan or some educational info: the surface is all yours to design. Multiple shapes and sizes. Choose colors and graphics to create unique magnets that will fit your brand.

Custom enamel signs

Custom enamel signs are a great Surface to get creative! They can be designed in a modern or vintage way, be educational or decorative, meaningful or funny. 

The variety of shapes and sizes are just right to introduce your brand. Colorful, simple, classic and, most importantly: custom-made. That’s what enamel signs are all about.

Unusual size and shape

Are you interested in a really big sign? We can produce that too, with no need for you to stock up – the MOQ in this case is just 1 piece.
A rectangular sign is available in a maximum size 50 x 100 cm / 19.5 x 39 in
Circular sign can be manufactured up to 50 cm / 19.5 in diameter. 
Are you looking for an unusual shape that is connected with your brand and logo? No problem! Just let us know about it and we will be glad to work with you on shapes and sizes from outside the catalog.

Get inspired


Wild Feminist

“Female founded clothing store that believes equal rights are for everyone. Giving back EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.” Keyring | rectangle | 6×4 cm | 2.3×1.5 in | DEEP LEMON


Magasin Général Paré

Grocer. Troubleshooter. Museum. This great place is located in Deschambault, Québec / Canada. Keyring | rectangle | 8×2 cm | 3.1×0.8 in | HUNTER GREEN


Beito Husky Tours

“Beito Husky Tours, leading dog sledding company in the Mountains of Norway” Fridge magnet | rectangle | 6×4 cm | 2.4×1.6 in | DARK BLUE


Extra Fancy

Extra fancy seafood restaurant in Brooklyn, created by a true oyster enthusiast. Keyring | rectangle | 8×2 cm | 3.1×0.8 in | MORDANT RED


SFU Bookstore

Simon Fraser University Bookstore. Fridge magnet | rectangle | 8×2 cm | 3.1×0.8 in | WHITE


SFU Bookstore

Simon Fraser University Bookstore. Keyring | rectangle | 8×2 cm | 3.1×0.8 in | WHITE


You can see more amazing inspirations in our portfolio.

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