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Are you a fan of tumbler but are still drawn more to mugs due to their handle that’s a bit more user-friendly? Well, now you no longer have to choose your preferred drinkware! We’ve got a tumbler with handle for you.

This good looking and unique piece of quality enamelware has been handcrafted by skilled professionals. The double dipped enamel layer is on both rim and handle to ensure its strength and durability. Fired in very high temperatures in order to preserve these literally for ages.

Enamel is a hard material that can survive a lot. However, exposed to a big pressure, it will break (just like glass). Don’t throw your enamelware.

To learn more about how the enamelware is produced and what are its properties, visit ABOUT ENAMEL.

400 ml / 13.5 oz

EAN: 5907622661686

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