3 mugs and 2 other dishes of choice samp

25.00 $

Are you tempted, but you prefer to test our quality before placing a custom order?

We’re glad to hear that!

You can check our products by purchasing samples o 3 enamel coffee mugs and 2 additional pieces of enamelware of your choice.

Please notify us in the checkout message what the other 2 dishes should we ship to you. We offer random designs of enamelware, however, if you are interested in particular sizes or colors – please, inform us about your choice in the checkout. We will try to meet your requirements if possible.

The full range of sizes and colors is available in our Custom enamelware catalog HERE.

Please, note, that these samples are not meant to be sold nor published (events and photographs included). Use them only to check size/colors etc. before placing a wholesale order.

*The majority of mugs offered here, have defects in the graphics and did not pass the quality check before shipping to the customer. They are free of manufacturing defects. Please use them to check the quality of craftsmanship, not a visual effect.

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