How to cook on camping?

Cooking on camping can either make you very creative or become the fan of the simplest solutions. Many of you go for the simple meals that don’t need a lot of time spent on preparations. The character of camping seems to take away the possibility of eating rich, traditional meals. But is it really that way?

There are a lot of great gadgets available in shops, that will make cooking on camping easier. You don’t have to eat from a can if you can make a delicious steaks!
The most traditional ways of cooking on camping are the ones using bonfire or grill. Check out how you can differentiate your cooking by investing in very original equipment. One of the accessories is BioLite FirePit which minimalizes the emission of smoke thanks to its advanced technology. Less smoke in the camp kitchen equals less smoke in our eyes! And no one likes to run from the smoke whenever the wind will blow in a new direction. This gadget will be not only helpful while cooking. When the cold evenings arrives, it can give you some warmth.

The gadget that is even more mobile and practical is Gonzo Grill. It is amazingly compact and multifunctional. This grill will cook anything and anywhere. Soup, burgers, steaks, BBQ – now you don’t need having a lot of equipment to cook all of that, all you need is 11×14 inch Gonzo Grill and a gas bottle

Similar solution can be Genesis Stove System, which is one of the most efficient camping cookers on the market. Perfect for enthusiasts of cooking outdoor, who are not to be satisfied with the simplest meals. Having this stove you can be a real chef even in the wilderness. Steak with fries or a soup from the ingredients found or haunted outdoors? Not a problem!

But not everyone of us is a born chef and a fan of challenges in a kitchen. If you only want to have a possibility to eat a hot sausage and drink a hot tea and nothing more fancy, you probably don’t need equipment more advanced than a Rolling BBQ Grill. Exactly – a grill you can roll into a small package or roll out and set above the bonfire. It’s not only small but also lightweight. Hard to imagine such impossibility? Just take a look at the video ?

It can be your soon, because lately the fundraising for the production launch ended.

What is your favorite way of cooking outdoors? Remember to share it with us, we’re camping lovers just like you and we’re always curious about new tricks to try ?

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