Exploring Differences: Quick Offer vs. Standard Custom Enamel Mugs

Embark on a journey through the world of custom enamel mugs as we unveil the distinctions between the classic standard mug and the unique Quick Offer mug.

At Emalco, we take pride in meeting diverse customer expectations – offering a shorter production time and a smaller minimum order quantity, all while maintaining the exceptional quality, durability, and unique charm of enamelware! While both mugs exude the timeless charm of enamelware, they boast distinct features tailored to your preferences, ensuring a delightful sipping experience. 

Let’s delve into the details:

1. Capacity:

Quick Offer mug: 390ml/13.2oz

Standard mug: 350ml/11.8oz

2. Height:

Quick Offer mug: 80mm/3.1in

Standard mug: 75mm/2.9in

3. Handle Style

Quick Offer mug: More squared handle

Standard mug: Round handle

4. Production Time:

Quick Offer mug: 3-5 weeks

Standard mug: 6-10 weeks

5. Minimum Order


Quick Offer mug: 50 pieces per design

Standard mug: 200 pieces per design

Furthermore, despite these differences, both mugs maintain excellent quality, exceptional durability, and undergo the same meticulous application and firing process for ceramic decals.

So if you’re in a rush for custom mugs – just opt for a Quick Offer mugs! With a shorter production time and a minimum order quantity of just 50 pieces per design, you can have your personalized enamelware ready in 3-5 weeks. Ideal for those eager to embrace their unique mugs.

Whether you fancy the quick elegance of the Quick Offer mug or the classic allure of the standard mug, Emalco has your custom enamelware needs covered! Explore the differences and select the mug that suits your style and timeline. No matter which one of the offer you will choose, you will be amazed with your custom enamel mugs!

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