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14.49 USD

Product code: EE_802

Fall in love with the collection Love by Emalco Enamelware! Beautiful design with red hearts on white background will make any place feel like home.

Our manufacturing technique is traditional, however, we maintain high safety and quality standards. That’s why enamel kitchenware from Emalco Enamelware will accompany you for long years.

Espresso mug is our smallest mug and that’s the reason it is so cute! It is great not only for espresso but also to be used by children. Black or white? Or maybe both?


Enamel is a hard material that can survive a lot. However, exposed to a big pressure, it will break (just like glass ). Don’t throw your enamelware.

To learn more about how the enamelware is produced and what are its properties, visit ABOUT ENAMEL.


Purchase details  
1 mugheight60 mm / 2.4 inch
 diameter60 mm / 2.4 inch
 capacity150 ml / 5 oz