Custom enamel


- More than just a custom Enamel candle -

✓ Do you care for the environment?

✓ Is your company eco-friendly?

Fill your custom enamel mugs with soy wax. Add original and eco-friendly candles to your store’s offer.

• free of any scent 
 • non toxic 
• eco-friendly 
• practical – when the candle burns out, the custom mug can be used as a regular coffee mug.

We care about the environment, and value healthy and ecological lifestyle so we definitely choose eco-friendly soy candles!

Soy wax candles burn clean without petro-carbon soot, while paraffin candles discharge a number of toxic chemicals into your house when they burn. 

Soy wax is produced using a natural and easily renewable source – soy beans. On the opposite – paraffin wax is produced using petroleum, which is a refined gasoline product.

Up to 50% longer than the standard, paraffin one. It is caused by the lower melting point of soy wax – it melts slower, in a lower temperature.

Just wash the dish with a cloth and soapy water. Do the same if some so wax would pour on your floor, furniture or clothing – hot water and some detergent will be enough to get rid of the stain.

Absolutely yes, no animal-based addition is used to produce soy-wax candles.

Soy candles burn clean, long and are perfect for original home decoration, RV or a cabin in the forest. They are hand poured into enamel mugs, which can be used later for drinking coffee, after burning all the wax. I use them without hesitation in the same room as my newborn

How to order custom enamel candles?

Design your custom enamel mug. Inform us how much to fill with soy-wax.
Candles can be made in 12 oz / 350 ml standard and bellied mugs.

For more details contact us on

- More than just a Enamel candle -

After the candle will burn out, your customers are presented with a practical, vintage enamel mug.

Design the mug yourself. Make your logo live on the enamelware for future generations. Maybe you want to hide a graphic inside the mug, which will become visible only after the wax is burned.

There are endless possibilities to make the enamel mug unique. To use it as a candle container, choose a 12 oz / 350 ml mug (standard or bellied). Click here to learn more about custom enamel mugs or how is enamelware made.

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