Our classic addition to the original Plain collection!

Big enamel coffee pot with navy rim. Perfect for brewing and serving coffee or tea, and as a stylish watering can or vase.

What will you use it for?

The coffee pot is produced from high quality and durable steel and is covered by a solid layer of enamel making it a durable, timeless piece.

Enamel is a hard material that can survive a lot. However, exposed to a big pressure, it will break (just like glass). Don’t throw your enamelware.

To learn more about how the enamelware is produced and what are its properties, visit ABOUT ENAMEL.

1300 ml / 44 oz

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Customer Reviews

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Purchased, enamel coffee pot, plain. Very happy with quality and design of product. Will make future purchases from Emalco Enamelware. Delivery time to Canada was very quick. Thank you for making such a great quality and durable product.

Phillip Mericle
Excellent teapot

This was a Christmas gift and is very high quality. I have an older Polish teapot made back in the day and this one is smaller but just as heavy, so it is more dense and heavy duty than even the predecessor. I love the feel, the deep navy rim is beautiful yet subtle, and the size is perfectly medium without being too big or too small. I have even used this to boil water. Though I prefer to use it as a dedicated steeping pot it is good to know I have a sturdy kettle if necessary.

There is only ONE point that could possibly be improved: a hinge on the lid would mean you would not have to hold the lid on when pouring. It gets rather hot from the contents during steeping and holding the lid on during pour is less than ideal. Then again, just use a towel or handkerchief.

A fantastic pot and I highly recommend! Buy this and have an heirloom for years!