Your custom enamelware in 4 simple steps

What are the options?

Within our range we have several different metal forms and shapes, which we can enamel in desired colors from our enamel color palette. We also apply decoration colors according to our customer’s specific design requirements. Our most popular product is custom made mug, but we have much more options in our offer. The newest one is soy candle. We poured the eco-friendly and non-toxic wax into enamel mugs (in 8 cm diameter mugs – regular and bellied shape). All candles are without any scent and with characteristic wooden wick. In retail trade soy candles are available in mugs from Wisdom and Forest collections.


Custom enamel kitchenware:

Enamel mugs, bowls, plates, saucepans, cande holders. Or custom mugs filled with eco soy candle.

Custom enamel signs:

Enamel keychains, triangular or rectangular magnets and signs.

custom magnet, enamel keyring





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Files to download



Even if you’re not a professional graphic designer, you can still have custom enamelware based on your ideas. However, it helps a lot and fastens the whole process if you are able to use Adobe Illustrator on the basic level. The one thing that cannot be done is a wrap-around graphics on a bellied mugs. The rest is up to your imagination, with various options of coloring and placing chosen designs on the custom enamelware.

Here you can find specification for you or your graphic designer about the project that we’d love to receive from you.

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Minimum quantity is 300 pieces for kitchenware and 100 pieces for signs. General “Terms and Conditions” files contain important info besides minimum order quantity, like the time of realization and payment conditions. Please read it through before placing an order, for yours and ours comfort of communication.

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The pricing is individual. It depends on many factors like: number of colors used, complexity of your order, whether and how much of our help do you need. We’ll send you the price as soon as we’ll get basic information about your project. 


Please feel free to contact us at or via contact form, there is really no question too small!  We can provide you with suggestions as to what looks great. And help you with the ordering process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Extra packing options for your comfort options with labels

Let’s say you’re a very busy businessman and you want to get everything ready-to-sell? That’s not a problem for us.

We’ll double check the quality of your order as we always do, pack your enamelware in individual boxes with your tags, labels and even a barcode if you wish. All you’ll have to do after receiving your order will be just placing it on shelves. Available options of packing are listed in the Custom Enamelware Catalogue.

If you wish for something more than we offer, please contact us and we’ll see what more can be done! Please, include the information about the packing of your choice in the email for us to get the right price.

Why custom enamelware?

Enamelware with its applied custom designs, is fired by oven baking. This process preserves the ware literally for ages. We use a combination of age old artisan methods of production and have improved upon this with our own innovative techniques unique to the enameling industry. We do not accept compromises when it comes to the quality of our final product. Our goal is to promote, through creative and unique design, our beautiful products which preserve the old Polish heritage of enameling, which was once a thriving industry in Poland.

Custom mugs stole hearts of thousands of people and companies. Enamel kitchenware and signs are the most premium custom products in their categories. Enamelware does not only look fresh and outstanding, but also is very practical and durable.

You can make custom saucepans to use by your clients on the induction cooker. Or a 1l custom mug where your outdoor clients will make a soup directly on a bonfire! Custom signs can be a great pub interior decoration that can also promote your brand if it’s consumed in such places.

custom enamelware Butcher

Who do we produce for?

wedding favor custom mug

We are currently dedicated to producing custom enamelware for various companies and quality brands worldwide. We also supply to private clients for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, charity events etc. We offer a reasonable, low minimal purchase for production and flexibility. Due to the fact that our company is family owned and operated, we can put great care into each particular order and requirements of our clients.

We’ve made custom mugs for Foo Fighters Fanclub and Pearl Jam too! You can see more in our portfolio.

Custom enamelware can be an amazing bonus for a wedding! It makes the original souvenir, that not only looks cute, but it’s very practical and lasts for years. Don’t you have an idea for wedding favors for your guests? Custom mugs or magnets are perfect for a wedding favors.