Custom enamelware

Make custom coffee mugs for your brand. Pick from thousands of colors combinations.

Add your own graphics anywhere on the mug. Check the quality of traditional Polish handmade enamelware.


Fireproof – dishwasher-safe – outdoors-friendly.

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Why great companies choose enamelware for branding coffee mugs so often?

1. Coffee mug branding 2.0

Drinking coffee is a very pleasant and frequent ritual for most adults. Coffee mugs have a surface, which can be used for promoting brands, products, services, and ideas. Combine these two factors and you’re showing your brand’s logo to your potential customers during the very enjoyable moment of their day, namely a coffee break.

Years of customizing coffee mugs have led to a situation when even the most fancy-designed mug probably won’t catch your attention, as you’ve mot probably already seen hundreds of them in your life.

The solution? The idea of placing a logo on a coffee mug is great. To make it more efficient, thousands of companies have decided to use an enamel mug. Such a customized coffee gadget attracts attention, which means it does its job!

A custom enamel coffee mug is a modern method for branding gadgets and it fits the current marketing reality perfectly.


2. The quality that pays in everyday use.

When deciding on branded coffee mugs, we can choose either cheap or reliable. Unfortunately, nowadays we can often hear about the bad impact of cheap Chinese kitchenware on our health, caused by toxic substances emitted to hot beverages. The same situation can happen in case of plastic mugs or questionable choice of coloring agent for the design on a mug. We believe there is no place for such risk with our health. That’s why we not only use safe materials to manufacture the enamelware, but even limit the choice of colors available inside dishes, to tested and 100% safe.

Enamel mug dropped on the floor will not break into pieces, contrary to ceramics. The damage can be visible but falling doesn’t equal throwing it out. Enamel mugs will survive a lot; therefore, they will be proudly representing your brand for long years.


3. The quality of branded mugs transfers on the opinion about the brand.

You are probably aware, that attractive people usually seem more intelligent, trustworthy, and valuable. Such a conclusion is called the Halo effect; it concerns not only people but brands as well. That’s why smart brand managers invest in creating a good quality image of their companies. One that will establish trust in the quality of your brand concerns is not just about the logo and website. All the customized gadgets will work for your future success!

A custom enamel mug is a great example of how branded gadget assets can be automatically and subconsciously transferred to the brand. Enamelware looks decent, durable, modern, and trustworthy. Don’t these adjectives describe your brand as well?

In Emalco Enamelware, we are proud to use traditional manufacturing methods. Each dish is handmade, starting from cutting a shape on the base of 100-year-old forms, to applying ceramic decals. This guarantees the sensation of making an original and outstanding product.


4. Practical and universal enamelware can do much more!

Every company, that decides to have their custom coffee mugs made, has one main goal: they are supposed to be visible and distinct. While a ceramic coffee mug is great for drinking coffee or for storing pens, an enamel mug is way more practical. A custom enamel mug doesn’t belong to the office exclusively. Enamelware is lightweight and durable and because of that, it is very often brought to camping, travels, and other outdoors activities. It also can be safely used in the oven (e.g., to make brownies) or directly in a fire (to boil water for coffee outdoors without additional kitchen equipment). This means that there is a great chance for a branded enamel mug to accompany a bonfire feast in a group of friends after a long day in the mountains.


5. It’s easier to think big with custom enamelware

Custom coffee mugs promote the brand in a modern, high-end way, that’s for sure. We know, that there are a lot of pleasant breaks during the day, not only for coffee but also for other beverages and food. Enamelware gives the opportunity to accompany each of such breaks with custom dishes – by completing the whole set. You don’t have to look for different manufacturers of mugs, tumblers, plates or saucepans, risking that the colors might not match. Custom enamelware can be manufactured in several shapes and sizes, where each one of them looks outstanding. What’s also important, the graphics on the enamelware do not fade away. The colors on a mug produced one year ago have the quality of a brand new one. That’s why the completion of your custom enamelware set can be spread throughout a longer period of time.

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We’re here to support you, so please, do not hesitate to ask us about anything. Aleksandra and Karolina will answer each of your questions. Just e-mail us and see how we can advise you. For a quick guide about the graphics or cooperation details, you can check the documents below.

Enamelware does not only look fresh and outstanding, but is also very practical and durable. You can expand your offer by custom saucepans for your clients to use on the induction cooker or a 1l custom mug for your outdoor clients to make a soup directly on a bonfire! Just one dish comes in handy in various places: in the oven, to serve on the table and to be washed safely in a dishwasher.

Custom enamelware for your brand

Join the greatest! We are proud and happy to have been trusted by a lot of fantastic brands. Our enamel mugs have been chosen for the following customization: Disney, Marshall, Pearl Jam, United by Blue, Simon Fraser University, Greece Museum or Natural History Museum in the UK to name just a few! All of them have chosen our most popular custom kitchenware which is the enamel mug.

Our custom enamel mug can be manufactured in two different shapes: regular and bellied, and in several sizes.

350 ml/11.8 oz is a universal, everyday coffee mug.

650 ml / 22 oz is a very practical camping mug, that can be used even to make soup!

150 ml / 5 oz is a super-cute small espresso mug which also works great for alcohol beverages.

Do you need other dishes for your custom kitchenware set? Well, you’re in the right place.

Wide range of dishes

Within our range, we have several different metal forms and shapes, which we can enamel in desired colors from our color palette. Whether you choose a custom enamel plate, bowl, tumbler or saucepan, each of them can be tailored and designed in a different and unique style.

A whole set of custom enamelware combined from various dishes is a great choice for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Wouldn’t it be really stunning to serve food and beverages in stylish, customized dishes that would really enhance the atmosphere of your place and the individuality of your customers?

Choose from a number of possibilities to create your unique set in the individual style of your brand.


More than just a custom mug

Are you eco? Is your company environment-friendly? Do you want to show that to the world? Use soy candles for that! We can hand-pour non-toxic, soy wax into your custom mugs (in 8 cm diameter mugs – a regular and bellied shape). All candles are free of any scent and contain a characteristic wooden wick. They are not only healthy, but also very practical; when the candle burns out, the custom mug can be used as a regular coffee mug. 

When we focus on the topic more carefully, it turns out we should put paraffin candles back on the shelf, or even better, throw them out. Paraffin wax is produced using petroleum, brown coal or the tar. That is enough of an argument for people valuing healthy and ecological lifestyle. We care about the environment, so we definitely choose eco-friendly soy candles!

More about the differences between paraffin and soy candles, can be found on our blog: BASECAMP emalco.

Extra packing options for your comfort

custom enamel mug with box and custom label

Let’s say you’re a very busy businessman and want to get everything ready-to-sell? That’s not a problem for us!

We double-check the quality of every order. Then, we can pack your enamelware in individual boxes with your tags, labels and even a barcode if you wish. All you have to do after receiving your order is placing it on the shelves. The available options of packing are listed in the Custom Enamelware Catalog.

If you wish for something outside of the standard offer, please contact us and we’ll see what can be done! Aleksandra and Karolina are here to help you.

Why custom enamelware?

Because it’s unique. Custom enamelware will definitely make you stand out from other companies on the market and will be a pleasant, original and rememberable addition to your brand.

Enamelware is practical. With its applied designs, custom enamelware is produced in the process of firing, and it makes the dishes last for ages. Even in the case of custom enamelware with fancy and detailed graphics, it can still be safely used in very high temperatures, like on a bonfire or in the oven. You can use it in a freezer or a dishwasher.

Enamelware is classy. Our goal is to promote, the old Polish heritage of enameling, which was once a thriving industry in Poland, through creative and unique designs. Enamelware has been produced for years and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go out of style.

Who doesn’t love coffee? Vast majority of people drink coffee everyday, so custom coffee mug can become really effective reminder of your brand. The logo of your company will be seen every morning in the company of coffee’s beautiful aroma. That’s a great combination!

Who do we produce for?

wedding favor custom mug

We are currently dedicated to producing custom enamelware for various companies and quality brands worldwide. We also supply to private clients for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, charity events etc. We offer a reasonable minimal purchase for production and flexibility. Due to the fact that our company is family owned and operated, we can put great care into each particular order and requirements of our clients.

We’ve made custom mugs for Foo Fighters Fanclub and Pearl Jam too! You can see more great companies in our portfolio.

Custom enamelware can be an amazing bonus for a wedding! It makes the original souvenir, that not only looks cute, but it’s very practical and lasts for years. Do you lack an idea for wedding favors for your guests? Custom mugs or magnets are perfect for a wedding favors.


In our custom enamelware offer, we also have different kinds of signs, like custom keyrings, magnets, or bigger signs to hang on the wall.