How to create your own custom enamelware?

Step 1: Choose the dish.

Min. 200 mugs or 100 pieces of other enamelware. You can choose from the CATALOG.

Step 2: Choose background colors.

Did you know, we have the biggest choice of custom enamelware colors?

Step 3: Add your design.

You can design in any color from the Pantone Solid Coated Palette.

Step 4: Decide on packaging.

Contact our sales team to choose the best packaging for your new enamelware.

Provide us with some basic information for

the first approximate price estimate.

If your design is ready, send it to

1. Choose your dish.

2. Choose the quantity.

3. Add our design or describe your vision.
Please add or describe your design, otherwise we won't be able to prepare a price offer for you.

Basic mug for a special price!

What’s your idea for a black & white design?

Create your custom enamel mug on this basic pattern to get it for a special price. Add black graphics to this white 12 oz mug with black rim and handle. Send us a message ‘basic’ with a desirable quantity of min. 200 and your choice of graphics (1 side, both sides, wrap-around, bottom) to get an offer from our sales team.
Contact us via contact page or this form.

Christmas enamelware for your brand

Thank you for your Christmas Orders!

For those of you who didn’t order on time, let’s prepare for Christmas ’21. Leave a message ‘Christmas21’ on CONTACT to get a reminder when it’ll be a perfect time to design your enamelware for Christmas . Contacting us now guarantees you a 10% discount!

If you want to have custom mugs by the Christmas season, the best time to order is August.

Why us?

Design custom coffee mugs for your brand. Pick from thousands of color combinations. Add your own graphics. Create an amazing project.
Enamelware is classy and it doesn’t seem to ever go out of style. Once a thriving industry in Poland, now enameling is a tradition that will enhance your unique style and quality.

Custom enamelware for your brand!

Custom enamelware will definitely make you stand out from other companies on the market and will be a pleasant, original and memorable addition to your brand.

Check the quality of

... enamelware by Emalco Enamelware

Who do we produce for?

DisneyGraph_8cm_mug_05 (1)


We’ve seen our fair share of Disney movies here and we guess you have too. Now you can check out our mugs made for Disneygraph! 8 cm diameter black mugs with white decal, green chrome and eggplant handle. It’s really a bear necessity!


Talor & Jorgen

Great coffee comes from great people. Talor and Jorgen, together, have over a quarter century of experience in the coffee industry.


Howler Brothers

Doing things the honest and pure way is the main theme of Howler Brothers. Their clothing designs grasp the essence of surfing, fishing, paddling. Maybe they are not connected by blood, but for sure they are connected by many good things that come with these pursuits.



Every guitar player loves Marshall for their tried and trusted amplifiers. The best bands from the whole world use Marshall’s music equipment. Over the years, Marshall has become a legendary label.

More on

Salmon Sisters

This is a special enamelware collection designed by true Alaska people. We are sure that our products will endure demanding tests in such a beautiful and dramatic habitat. We welcome you to learn more about Salmon Sisters!


Salmon Sisters

This is a special enamelware collection designed by true Alaska people. We are sure that our products will endure demanding tests in such a beautiful and dramatic habitat. We welcome you to learn more about Salmon Sisters!


You can see more amazing inspirations in our portfolio.

- What makes enamelware a better choice? -

Durable and practical

and, at the same time, stylish.

Unique and useful

gadget of your company.


and original item to represent your brand.

An effective reminder

a coffee mug is a really effective surface for promotion.

Serve food and beverages in stylish, customized dishes.
Enhance the atmosphere of your place and the individuality of your customers.

Create your unique enamelware

Variety of possibilities for your enamelware.

All of which, we can enamel in your desired colors from our palette.

We offer thousands of color combinations

for your custom enamelware.

New box for the most popular product in our

12 oz / 350 ml standard mug.

  • Window to exhibit the product better 
  • Protection for secure transport
  • Printed instruction for long and safe use – no inserts needed.

Now available in a special offer

Order min. 400 custom mugs of one design to get each one in a single box

The promotion is available for all custom enamelware with individual packing.
The new box is available for 12 oz / 350 ml mug. For more detailed information, please contact your sales assistant.

We’re here to support you, so please, do not hesitate to contact us.
Just e-mail us on and see how we can advise you.

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