Introducing our exceptional enamelware gift boxes for the modern corporate world this Christmas 2023!

Emalco is all about the art of delivering top-quality, handmade, and uniquely crafted enamelware. While corporate gifting is not our primary focus, we’re excited to offer you an extra opportunity to make a lasting impact on your employees, clients, and event experiences.

What distinguishes us uniquely?

Our aim is to streamline your corporate gifting, making sure your gifts leave a profound impression. We specialize in crafting custom gift boxes with top-quality, handmade enamelware, exquisite packaging, and convenient delivery. Expect nothing less than premium, uniquely designed products that stand out.

Our dedication extends to modern aesthetics and beautiful packaging that captivates recipients. At Emalco, we offer more than gifts; we provide a comprehensive gifting solution. Let’s create a memorable Christmas, one remarkable gift box at a time.

Gift Boxes

Sweets & Sips Surprise

Presents one enamel mug accompanied by scrumptious sweets to sweeten the season.

Enamel Elegance

Enamel Elegance

For a unique twist, opt for an enamel soap dish paired with handmade soap.

The Mug & Bean Experience

Favor the moment with one enamel mug, premium coffee, and the barista syrup.

Mugful of Joy

Features two enamel mugs for a touch of sophistication.

Coffee Lover’s Delight

Experience flavor with two enamel mugs, fresh coffee, sweets, and barista syrup.

Get in Touch with Us

We will craft a tailor-made set just for you.

Mugs to choose from:

Green Christmas Enamel Mug

Green Christmas Enamel Mug

The Nutcracker Christmas Enamel Mug

The Nutcracker Christmas Enamel Mug

Red Christmas Enamel Mug

How To Order?

Step 1
Choose from 5 pre-designed gift boxes.

Step 2
Select the mugs you’re interested in.

Step 3
Decide on the packaging style: standard or premium.

Step 4
Specify the quantity you need.

Step 5
Contact us via contact form or email to finalize your custom gift order.

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Standard Package


If you don’t choose any form of premium packaging, your gifts will be packed in a standard cardboard box with a Christmas sticker on it.


If you’re seeking a more personalized touch, the possibilities are endless! Let your creativity run wild with personally engraved wooden boxes and laser gadgets.

Our Christmas offer is available to countries within the European Union. The lead time can extend up to 5 business days. Mugs for the sets should be selected from three available options. In case certain products are unavailable, we will substitute them with other available products, chosen at random, as needed.

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What can we do for you?

Reach out to us to bring your vision to life!

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